Our company is specialized in home textile industry, producing the fruit of Traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology, nspired by intense passion for the complex and fascinating world of household linen.
Thanks to experience gained by our company and to work with the best companies on the Italian territory, we treat with special attention to all stages of processing of our products.

Here we will briefly illustrate the different stages of the production of our fabrics. Spinning and twisting represent the first processing steps needed to get the yarn and provide it with all the best features of elasticity, strength and purity. Once you have a string of excellent quality, and production passes to weaving, where the frames generate fabrics free from defects.

Next, we apply it on yarns and fabrics, the stage previous to dyeing or printing, there is a treatment called bleaching. With this operation, the fibers are freed from all foreign substances harmful to their preparation and to their final appearance. Particular care and attention is devoted to this phase of work because a good bleaching process allows cotton products to take, in a natural way, non-allergenic, antibacterial and hygroscopic behavior, that absorb and scatter more in the air, the natural perspiration of the body . They then improved resistance to multiple washings keeping bright and unchanged over time colors.

Textile printing instead, is a process of color application on pieces of fabric to get defined drawings. The fabrics are printed with dyes that penetrate and attach themselves to the fibers so that they are resistant to washing. Unlike dyeing, where the fabric is colored by immersion in a uniform manner with only one color, in printing one or more colors are applied only on some parts through rotary cylinders or with the use of machines placed print. In addition, we ensure that all stages of processing and materials used are Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring the health of the consumer, in full compliance with European standards.

Finally, to obtain special effects, the fabrics undergo additional processes of finishing, called ‘finissaggio’, which give the fabric the appearance and the necessary characteristics. Even this phase becomes determinant to create a quality product, giving the fabric the right softness that is typical of ‘finissaggio’ treatments made in Italy.

In conclusion, we want to underline that, at the end, all our fabrics are refined in Italian garment rooted above all in Tuscany, which can show all Florentine craftsmanship skills that characterize the product “carlucci” and make it unique in the industry of household linen.